Top 10 Facts About Apostle Joshua Selman You Should Know.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s name has been trending on social media platforms in the last several hours, and you may be wondering who he is. According to, Apostle Joshua Selman is a Nigerian gospel minister who lives in Kaduna State.

His full name is Joshua Selman Nimmak, although he is better known as Apostle Joshua Selman.

The pastor was born to Christian parents in Jos, Plateau State.

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

The gospel minister graduated from the famed Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in Kaduna State with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

According to, Apostle Joshua Selman began ministerial job while still a student.

Joshua Selman’s ministerial experience began with him preaching to his fellow students on campus, as well as speaking at other events on invitation with his ministry companions.

Apostle Joshua Selman launched Eternity Network International (ENI) in March 2011 after reaching a spiritual zenith.

Top 10 Facts About Apostle Joshua Selman You Should Know:

1. Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is a Nigerian televangelist and Bible teacher. He is the creator of Eternity Network International (ENI), which he founded in 2011.

On June 25th, 1980, Apostle Selman was born. He received his bachelor’s degree from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. The senior pastor of the Christ Gospel Church in Samaturu Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria, is Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak.

2. Apostle Joshua Selman has had a special affection for God since he was a child. While the other kids went outside to play, the youngster stayed at home and studied the Bible. He understood what Ahmadu Bello University was when he was a little boy, and he dreamed of someday ministering the Word of God in the university. All of these fantasies came true.

Eternity Network International ENI is a gospel organization tasked with transforming lives by disclosing various obscure dimensions of God through worship and scripture decoding.

The Eternity Network International outreach is held on a weekly basis and allows individuals to encounter God in a new dimension. Every Friday in Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria, this activity takes place.

3. In terms of the individual in question’s personal life, Apostle Joshua Selman is not yet married. He travels extensively throughout Nigeria in order to transform lives and make others aware of the dimensions of God, as well as how this power can have a therapeutic effect.

God, according to Joshua’s words, is his love. And for the love of God, he is willing to let rid of everything, including women, marriage, and money.

Rather than playing with other youngsters in the neighborhood, Joshua was frequently observed studying the word of God and praying as he grew up. His love and zeal for God’s things endeared him to certain Christian mentors, who helped lay the groundwork for his Christian conduct and character.

4. Apostle Joshua Selman is the second of four children born to his parents, and he has two younger brothers and an older sister. There are no specifics concerning his parents’ and siblings’ occupations. Nonetheless, it is known that his parents provided him with a solid Christian basis as well as support for his ministerial career. In one of his early 2021 services, Apostle Selman presented his parents to the audience, expressing how they provided him with a solid foundation that has greatly contributed to his success in the ministry today.

5. According to reports, Apostle Joshua Selman’s maternal grandfather, Rev. Rindap Damina Bawado, served as the first president of the Church of Christ In Nations (COCIN) from 1951 until 1981. Despite the fact that Christianity was not widely acknowledged at the time, Rev. Rindap remained a devout Christian, fighting hard against the many traditional worships in the community. Rev. Rindap converted many souls to Christianity in Northern Nigeria, where the church is located, before his death in 1993, and he also instilled maximum Christian conduct in his family.

6. Apostle Joshua Selman came to know the Lord as a child as a result of his Christian family and the Sunday school sessions he attended at his family church in Zaria. He was baptized in his secondary school days, when the school would invite different ministers of God to preach for the pupils virtually every morning after the assembly, according to him. Joshua felt the urge and decided to give his life to Jesus Christ on one occasion. As a result, he received the Holy Spirit baptism.

7. Following his secondary school, he went on to study at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, where Apostle Joshua Selman earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Selman did not return to the steps he took as an undergraduate at ABU, Zaria. He routinely hosted Christian gatherings at which he preached and shared God’s word with his fellow students. He would also go throughout the neighborhood sharing biblical thoughts with others.

8. Despite the fact that Apostle Joshua Selman began preaching during his college years, he entered full-time ministry shortly after graduating from university. Before starting his own ministry, he worked as an associate pastor at Christ Gospel Church in Samaturu, Zaria, Kaduna State, where he eventually climbed to the position of senior pastor. Also, prior to the creation of ENI, Apostle Selman conducted various crusades and apostolic meetings in Nigeria, including regions such as Kaduna and Jos.

9. Apostle Johnson Selman did not overlook certain highly anointed men of God who served as mentors to him during his career. He frequently refers to himself as a man of many graces, having been impacted by men of God like as Bishop David O. Oyedepo, Reinhard Bonnke, Benny Hinn, T. L. Osborn, and others.

10. Apostle Joshua Selman got caught in a dispute following a speech he made at a pastors conference in July 2020. During the discussion, he stated prophetically that anyone who wishes to be famous and popular in Nigeria must visit Lagos or Abeokuta. He says this because the two cities are covenanted in the spiritual realm for people who understand the things of the spirit. This statement sparked a firestorm of debate, name-calling, and word-batters among his followers and opponents.

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