Top 10 Facts About Comedian Bovi Ugboma (2022 Net Worth)

Abovi Ugboma is the true name of popular Nigerian comedian Bovi. He was born in Benin City on June 25, 1979. He is a Delta State native. Bovi’s career began in June 2007 when he appeared in the very successful sitcom Extended Family, which he produced, wrote, and marketed.


By 2008, Bovi was hosting comedy performances and gatherings all throughout Nigeria. He has also appeared in Opa Williams’ renowned Nite of a Thousand Laughs. Bovi has collaborated with a number of Nigerian comedians, including I Go Dye, I Go Save, Basketmouth, Buchi, Odogwu, Okey Bakassi, Julius Agwu, and others.

List Of Top 10 Facts About Comedian Bovi Ugboma:

Bovi’s Net Worth

Bovi’s net worth has been estimated to be over N2 billion since his ascent to popularity, taking into account the properties he has bought, endorsements, programs he has been in, and so on. His comic events are estimated to bring him millions of Naira every year.

Bovi’s Private Life

The popular Nigerian comedian is married to Kris Asimonye Ugboma and has 3 children, David and Elena Ugboma. He is a gregarious person who has outperformed many of his peers who have entered the comedy profession before him.

How Much Does Bovi Charge Per Performance?

He is also one of Nigeria’s wealthiest comedians at the moment. He is thought to demand between N2 million and N3 million each concert now that he is no longer a rising comic. The majority of Bovi’s recent comedy are available on YouTube.

Bovi’s Endorsement deals

The multi-award winning popular personality has amassed a slew of lucrative partnerships to match his notoriety. Bovi has sponsorship partnerships with companies such as Globacom Nigeria and Diamond Bank, among others.

Why I was banned in the US – Comedian Bovi

Why I was banned in the US - Comedian Bovi
Comedian Bovi

Bovi Ugboma, a popular Nigerian comedian, said on Tuesday that he has been barred from visiting the United States.

The comedy star stated this while responding to fan inquiries on his Instagram account after hosting a Question and Answer section.

According to Bovi, he was barred from entering the country after getting into an altercation with a visa-issuing officer and being labeled.

He first mentioned the prohibition when a fan invited him to play in Massachusetts.

“I’m not allowed enter the United States,” the father of three explained.

When another admirer questioned if he planned to leave the nation, he said, “I am a global citizen.” Except in Yankee, where I’m prohibited.”

“Ill luck,” he replied, explaining the reason for the restriction. I met a visa officer who was kind. Egos collided. “I had a label.”

“I go dey carry shoulder,” he said further.

In February 2022, the comedian said that he was almost charged of stealing in a London hotel.

In his Q&A, the comic also addressed his supposed feud with fellow comedian Ayo Makun, often known as AY.

When fans inquired why he and AY don’t appear at each other’s shows, the comic alluded to American comedians.

“Have you ever seen Chris Rock perform at a Henry Hart concert?” Bovi responded to the curious admirer.

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