Top 10 Estates In Lagos (2022 List)

Let’s discuss on Estates In Lagos Today , Estate living is here to stay in Lagos, particularly on the island.

Today’s estate developers are incorporating additional luxury features such as golfing, fishing schools, and hospitals into new estate developments.

That is why, in this post, we will look at some of the best estates in Lagos State.

Estates In Lagos
Estates In Lagos

While there have been considerable modifications in Lagos-based estates in recent years, they are unquestionably more expensive than our traditional residential dwellings.

If you prefer the lifestyle of estates over that of normal homes, you should certainly look into the top estates that are luxury to the core.

List Of Top 10 Estates In Lagos:

  1. Pinnock Beach Estate, Lekki
  2. Chevy View Estate
  3. Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja
  4. Parkview Estate, Ikoyi
  5. Grenadines Homes Citiview Estate
  6. Friends View Estate
  7. Living Gold Estate
  8. Lekki Gardens Estate
  9. Shonibare Estate
  10. GCAPPA Estate

The top estates are listed here, based on the facts, data, and characteristics available in each of these homes.

10. G CAPPA Estate

GCAPPA Estate - Estates In Lagos

G Cappa PLC is one of the leading construction companies in Nigeria today, and they are well recognized for completing large projects such as roads, bridges, and buildings across the country.

As a result, their construction grade is projected to set the tone for other estate buildings in Lagos State.

The G Cappa estate has several unique qualities, including natural environment with green fields and a gorgeous backdrop.

The estate is flanked by other large estates, making G Cappa a calm location to live without the razzmatazz that is often associated with living in areas such as the mainland.

Residents have their own own stables and garden on the estate. Depending on your needs, properties in this estate range from a plot to hectares.

The estate is next to the popular computer village, which is a shopping center for technology devices such as phones, computers, and accessories.

9. Shonibare Estate

Shonibare Estate - Estates In Lagos
Shonibare Estate

The shelter is one of the nicest estates in Lagos to live in. It is one of the top essential demands of people in order to live a healthy and secure life.

People tend to add luxury to their homes as they change over time in order to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

This is one of the amenities available to residents of Shonibare Estate.

Shonibare estate is set in a tranquil setting, with luxury as a key feature and selling point.

Though the cost of residences here is fairly high, if you can afford it, it is well worth it.

The estate is also a terrific place to have fun, with a variety of outdoor activities to keep its residents active and involved.

Another advantage is that it is close to the Ikeja army cantonment, so what could possibly go wrong? It is the ninth best estate in Lagos state.

8. Lekki Gardens Estate

Lekki Gardens Estate - Estates In Lagos
Lekki Gardens Estate

The fact that Lekki is included in the estate name should give you a clue as to what you’re in for.

Everyone in Lagos knows that Lekki is a haven for the wealthy and upper crust of society.

Lekki Gardens Estate is no exception, because acquiring a property there requires a strong financial account.

Lekki Gardens has a variety of real estate buildings, including exquisite flats, duplexes, detached homes, and commercial areas, with an emphasis on maintenance to maintain the estate’s standards.

The Lekki Gardens have been operating since 2012, and they have gradually earned their status by providing one of the greatest real estate services in Lagos.

Though the majority of the residences in this estate are expensive, they have several designs available to make it easier for average wage people to obtain their dream homes.

They have house fee installment payments. This, however, has no bearing on the quality of the residences or other assets available on this estate.

7. Living Gold Estate

Living Gold Estate - Estates In Lagos
Living Gold Estate

This estate is located on Lagos State’s well-known banana island.

Living Gold Estate, with its own natural lagoon and forest, is without a doubt one of the best estates in Lagos State.

This estate provides a sanctuary for many bird species, including kingfishers, louries, and owls.

The presence of all of these birds adds to the estate’s beauty and the timeless grandeur on exhibit in the surrounding area.

Without a doubt, Living Gold estate has one of the highest concentrations of top homes in an estate for sale.

If I were you, I’d go for it, as long as all of your financial bases are covered. You name it: home theater, gorgeous marble flooring, outdoor pools, and bright chandeliers.

It is currently ranked as the seventh best residential estate in Lagos as of 2020.

6. Friends View Estate

Friends View Estate - Estates In Lagos
Friends View Estate

Friends View Estate was developed by Aircom Nigeria, a property development company based in Lagos, and it is clear that it is one of their best works to date.

The estate is also in Lekki, specifically in the Agungi neighborhood.

Friends View Estate is tidy, with well-kept homes and properties, good roads and drainage, and an uninterrupted electricity supply.

Aircom, the estate’s developer, is also responsible for other notable estates in Lagos, including Bourdillon Estate and Napier Gardens.

Residents of the Friends View Estate pay a subsidized monthly fee that is utilized entirely for estate maintenance such as 24 hour security patrol, garbage management, fumigation, and other services.

The estate has well-connected roads, making it easier to get from Agungi or Osapa.

The following are the prices of some of the properties:

  • 5 bedroom semi-detached duplex – 4 million (rent), 70-90 million (sale)
  • 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex – 4 million (rent), 70-80 million (sale)

5. Grenadines Homes Citiview Estate

Grenadines Homes Citiview Estate - Estates In Lagos
Grenadines Homes Citiview Estate

The Grenadines houses Citiview estate is another of the best estates in Lagos state.

This estate provides residences with luxury in a variety of methods or forms. They have everything from forested, beautifully constructed structures to top mansions in a tranquil setting.

This alternative is always viable as long as you have the necessary finances. The estate is off Olubunmi Okojie road, just off the Lekki-Epe expressway in Lekki.

It is ideally positioned near Novare Mall, Shoprite, Game Store, and Genesis (Cinema), all of which are locations to have fun, shop, and enjoy yourself.

Around the estate is also the Lagos Business School.

A terrace block of about 422 square meters in this estate, largely with a 3 bedroom duplex, all rooms en suite balcony, parlor with enough space, storage, and other conveniences to help settle in well.

4. Parkview Estate in Ikoyi

Parkview Estate, Ikoyi - Estates In Lagos
Parkview Estate, Ikoyi

This Italian-style villa in Parkview Estate is distinguished by its individuality, style, and taste, as well as its immaculate careful attention to detail.

The everlasting home welcomes you with an emotional passage hall and amazing views that continue all the way through.

Parkview Estate homes in Ikoyi, Lagos, include a marble staircase, home cinema, official study, six exquisite air-conditioned two-room suites, an edge flow pool, and much more.

Just viewing the estate is enough to convince you that it is the fourth best estate in Lagos state.

Parkview Estate is well served by roadways, most notably Gerrard Road, and is close to Banana Island.

The estate is largely private, with businesses and guest rooms on the estate. It is regarded as one of the most expensive areas to live in Lagos.

3. Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja

Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja - Estates In Lagos
Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja

GRA Orchid Court Ikeja is a blend of opulent condominiums with remarkable structural elements and European-standard finishing materials.

At “Orchid Court,” there are seven diverse types of private units to consider, each with its own unique perspective and quiet floor plan.

Recreational services include a lovely outdoor arrangement, a children’s play area, a pool, a leisure center, and expansive patios, as well as security features like an electric wall, radio, and video entryway telephone.

RT Briscoe is a well-known property developer because of their track record of building high-quality individual and commercial properties.

2. Chevy View Estate

Chevy View Estate - Estates In Lagos
Chevy View Estate

Chevy View Estate, as the name suggests, sits just across the street from Chevron Nigeria Limited, one of Nigeria’s leading oil and gas corporations.

The estate is evidently not only for those who can afford it to give homes and shelter, but it also contains some private enterprises, some of which work for Chevron Nigeria Limited.

Other visible structures in the estate include schools, medical institutions, hotels, and other social infrastructure for the amusement of the estate’s occupants.

Homes at the Chevy View Estate are generally purchased or rented by the wealthy and upper crust of society.

It is largely made up of duplexes (semi- and fully detached; terraces) built by developers.

The following are typical home prices:

  • 3 Bedroom Apartment: 1.7 million to 2.5 million (rent)
  • 3 Bedroom Duplex: 3,000,000 (rent) 45,000,000 (sale)
  • 3.5 million for a four-bedroom duplex (rent) 45 million to 65 million (sale)
  • 5 bedroom duplex: 4 million (rent); 65 – 130 million (sale)

1. Pinnock Beach Estate, Lekki

Pinnock Beach Estate, Lekki - Estates In Lagos
Pinnock Beach Estate, Lekki

Pinnock Beach Estate is the nicest estate in Lagos. It is a safe estate accessible by the Femi Okunnu road.

The expense of living on this estate is extremely high, and it is clearly intended for upper-income individuals.

Each resident pays a yearly charge of N450,000 for maintenance, energy, water supply, and garbage management.

The quality of life provided to residents of this estate is unparalleled.

Elegant constructions designed not just for comfort but also for aesthetics, tarmac roads throughout, uninterruptible electricity and water supplies, and so on.

It’s all about security on this estate. While traversing the Pinnock Beach estate, you will notice security personnel from the entrance gate to virtually every block.

This estate’s property costs include:

  • 4 bedroom semi-detached house – 100 million (sale), 4 million (rent) (rent)
  • 5 bedroom detached house – 160 million – 200 million (sale)
  • Land costs between $105,000 and $120,000 per square meter.

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