Top 10 Igbo Comedians In Nigeria (2022 List)

Igbo Comedians and all you must know , Every day, Igbo comedy in Nigeria gets better, which is a great thing for the entertainment business.

Igbo Land is lucky to have a lot of comedians who are great at playing women. Most of these Igbo comedians became well-known because they played female characters in their skits.

 Igbo Comedians
Igbo Comedians

In this article, I want to tell you about Top 10 Igbo comedians who play women in their comedy series or skits.

List Of Top 10 Igbo Comedians In Nigeria :

  1. Mr. Funny (Oga Sabinus)
  2. Lord Zeus
  3. Billionaire Prince White
  4. Comedian Sir One
  5. Mama Uka
  6. Josh2Funny
  7. Brain Jotter
  8. Mc Ezegetive
  9. Unku SP (Onye Obodo)
  10. Zicsaloma

1. Mr. Funny (Oga Sabinus)

Mr. Funny (Oga Sabinus) - Igbo Comedians
Mr. Funny (Oga Sabinus)

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu is a comedian, actor, content creator, and social media influencer from Nigeria. He is also known as Mr. Funny or Oga Sabinus.

Mr. Funny was born in Port Harcourt, which is in the state of Rivers. He went to school there and got his Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Communication Studies from the University of Port Harcourt.

Mr. Funny started his career in 2015, but he didn’t become widely known until 2019. He and comedian Basketmouth were both nominated for the first-ever The Humor Awards Academy in 2021. Mr. Funny started doing comedy when he was young. When he was in college, he started making comedy skits.

In 2015, this happened during a School Student Union week. Mr. Funny decided to move up in his career by posting different comedy sketches on Instagram and other social media sites.

Soon, top Instagram influencers started to notice him and start sharing his skits. People who liked him on the platform grew.

In 2019, Mr. Funny got his start in the comedy business.

Because of how popular he is, he has gotten some well-known praise. Oddstackr and many others have hired Oga Sabinus to be their brand ambassador. In his career as a comedian, Mr. Ibu and Charles Inojie are two people he looks up to.

Mr. Funny has also been in a number of Nollywood movies, like “Man of War” and “Billionaire’s Bride.”

In May 2022, Mr. Funny sued two Nigerian food companies for using his image and catchphrases without his permission. In particular, Friesland Food is said to have advertised their Peak Milk product with the trademarked phrase “something hoodge,” while UAC used an animated image of Mr. Funny in their ads.

2. Lord Zeus

Lord Zeus - Igbo Comedians
Lord Zeus

Lord Zeus 101 is one of the Igbo Comedians, social media influencer, and master of ceremonies. He was born on June 16, 1990, and his real name is Moses Anayochukwu Usulor.

He is known for his catchy slogan, “Gini Kam ga Akoro Mma m?” What am I going to tell my mother? “O ga ebum aka,” another piece of slang he uses, means “It will be hard for me.”

Lord Zeus 101 was born on June 16, 1990. His real name is Moses Anayochukwu Usulor. He was born in Nigeria, in the state of Anambra. He is from Nigeria and is from the Igbo tribe.

The parents of Lord Zeus 101 were Mr. and Mrs. Usulor. There are more of his brothers and sisters.

Lord Zeus 101 is a comedian. After he graduated from college, he made comedy his full-time job. His videos, in which he speaks out against things he thinks are wrong with society, have gone viral on the internet.

He does this in such a funny way that you will laugh while you understand what he is trying to say.

3. Billionaire Prince White

Billionaire Price White - Igbo Comedians
Billionaire Price White

Chidera Emmanuel Uchegbu is a Nigerian comedian, actor, On Air Personality (OAP), singer, and social media influencer who is better known by his stage name Billionaire Prince White. In his comedy skits, he is well-known for pretending to be a billionaire.

The billionaire Prince White was born on July 3 in Imo State. He is from Ogwa in Imo State’s Mbaitolu Local Government Area.

Billionaire Prince White went to Ojims College, Saint Patrick’s High School, and Marist Brothers Juniorate, Uturu for his secondary education.

He is a student at Owerri, Imo State, Imo State University (IMSU).

4. Comedian Sir One

Comedian Sir One - Igbo Comedians
Comedian Sir One

Igwe Uchenna is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, and actor who goes by the name Sir One on One in the business world.

He was born on October 9, 1989. He is known for doing comedy skits while dressed as a comedian. He was born into the royal family of HRH Eze Paul Ogodo Igwe in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Like some of the other Nigerian comedians on Instagram, he started out as a stand-up comedian in 2017 and did a number of comedy shows.

He performed on shows like “Xmas Street Shutdown,” “Comedy Garden,” and “Eastern Laugh,” among others. Later, he started making comedy skits for social media, and that’s when big blogs on Instagram like Tunde Ednut and others started reposting some of his videos.

5. Mama Uka

Mama Uka - Igbo Comedians
Mama Uka

Mama Uka is one of the Igbo Comedians the stage name for Odinaka Chukwueze, who is his real name. He is a fast-rising Nigerian comedian, content creator, and movie producer who is known for playing an old Igbo woman in his jokes.

Uka was born in Amachara Enugu Ezike, Enugu State, on August 19, 1990. This was in the 1990s. Mama Uka is from the Igbo Ezra North Local Government Area in the state of Enugu, which is in the south east of Nigeria. He is one of a family’s seven children.

Mama Uka has an HND in computer science from the Institute of Management in Enugu, Enugu State.

6. Josh2Funny

Josh2Funny - Igbo Comedians

Josh2funny, whose real name is Josh Alfred, is a popular and funny comedian and host who was born in Nigeria. People know him for the hilarious comedy skits he posts on Instagram and YouTube. On December 18, 1990, Josh Alfred was born. He is from the state of Anambra, but he grew up in Lagos.

He moved there when he was 8 years old. Josh2funny is a huge hit on Instagram, where he has more than a million followers. Josh Alfred didn’t set out to be a comedian, but he was good at it, so he did it. Josh did comedy and was in the literary and debating society when he was in high school.

While that was going on, Josh2funny went to the Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba, to study computer science.

7. Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter - Igbo Comedians
Brain Jotter

Chukwuebuka His name is Emmanuel Amuzie, but he is known as Brain Jotter in the business world. He is a well-known stand-up comedian, actor, and creator of content from Nigeria.

He was born in Owerri, Imo State, in the south east of Nigeria, on February 5, 1995.

Brain Jotter went to the University of Lagos and got a degree in Business Administration.

He went to school at Ghana National University as well.

Brain Jotter started out in comedy as a stand-up comedian, and he has done shows all over Nigeria.

Later, he started making funny Instagram posts, for which he is now known, and his account now has a lot of followers. His comedy videos on Instagram and other social media sites, like “I Don’t Care” and “No Stress,” have gone viral and brought him a lot of attention, making him more and more popular every day.

Brain Jotter has a lot of ideas and is good at making people laugh with his funny comedy. His funny skits talk about all parts of life, like social, political, and economic problems that people face.

8. Mc Ezegetive

Mc Ezegetive - Igbo Comedians
Mc Ezegetive

From the little profile we can find online, this is all we know about MC Ezegetive. What is MC Ezegetive? Chris Onyekachi Nweke is his real name. He is a stand-up comedian, video maker, comic relief MC, and Nollywood actor who lives in the city of Onitsha. MC Ezegetive’s life story, background, and how much money he has.

Some think that MC Ezegetive is from the state of Anambra. This is because his skits have a good mix of Onitsha and Otu accents. In fact, he sounds like he is from Obosi or Otu Onitsha when he talks and calls himself “Abig Otu.”

But he is not from the state of Anambra. MC Ezegetive is from Amagunze, which is in the state of Enugu.

9. Unku SP (Onye Obodo)

Unku SP (Onye Obodo) - Igbo Comedians
Unku SP (Onye Obodo)

Obinwanne Valentine Nonso is one of the Igbo Comedians, actor, and content creator who is better known as Unku SP. People know him for his funny skits in the Igbo language. Unku SP was born on June 30, 1990, in the city of Onitsha in the state of Anambra.

Unku SP went to high school in Nkpor, Anambra state, at St. Anthony of Padua High School. In 2015, he graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka with a degree in geography and meteorology. Between 2016 and 2017, he did his youth service in Minna, Niger state.

In 2010, Unku SP began to act on stage. But he began his career as a comedian while he was in college. He took part in many shows and events.

He started his comedy show, “Comedy Undiluted,” in 2014. He then started making comedy skits that he posted on his social media pages.

Unku SP covers shows, weddings, and other events happening all over Nigeria.

10. Zicsaloma

Zicsaloma - Igbo Comedians

Aloma Isaac Junior was born on November 7, 1991. He is a Nigerian comic skit writer, actor, and singer who goes by the stage name Zicsaloma. He became well-known because he posts funny videos to Instagram and TikTok.

Zicsaloma was born in the state of Kaduna, but he is from the state of Abia. He went to Sacred Heart Primary School and Airforce Secondary School for his primary and secondary education, respectively. He went to Abia State University to study English and Literature.

Before he became a comedian, Zicsaloma tried out for season 2 of The Voice Nigeria but was eliminated in the semi-finals. After getting his degree, he went into comedy full-time in 2017. His viral comedy skit on TikTok made him a big deal on the internet.

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