Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria (2022 List)

Let’s discuss Richest Comedians in Nigeria , Today’s comedy in Nigeria has demonstrated that skill can not only put bread on the table, but can also propel one to the pinnacle of glory.

People who were cheery and amusing were considered as pushovers, never-do-wells, jokers, and so on in the 1990s. Nowadays, those with the ability to make others laugh are able to make a lot of money by utilizing their God-given abilities.

Richest Comedians in Nigeria
Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Nigerian comedians may be humorous, but they are not foolish, since this entertaining endeavor has made the majority of the country’s great comedians immensely wealthy. Their shows, endorsement deals, and contracts establish them as deserving celebrities.

It is critical to notice that while you are laughing and breaking your ribs, these guys are busily depositing cash into their bank accounts. Many of them charge more over one million naira for their performances at concerts, while others plan and profit from private events.

List Of Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria 2022:

  1. Ali Baba
  2. AY
  3. Basketmouth
  4. I go Dye
  5. Julius Agwu
  6. Okey Bakassi
  7. Bovi
  8. Gbenga Adeyinka
  9. Gordons
  10. Akpororo

We will look at the top ten richest Nigerian comedians and their net worth in this post.

1. Ali Baba has a net worth of N3 billion.

Ali Baba - Richest Comedians in Nigeria
Ali Baba

Ali Baba is a comic titan and the wealthiest comedian in the country.

His full name is Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomere. He has previously hosted several gatherings for Governors, Presidents, and other prominent dignitaries. He usually costs 4 million naira to appear at occasions.

Ali Baba is a motivational speaker as well as a comedian. In Lagos, he has a number of additional enterprises. According to Forbes, his net worth would be N3 billion in 2022.

2. AY’s net worth is N2.5 billion.

AY - Richest Comedians in Nigeria

AY has lately risen to become one of Nigeria’s richest comedians thanks to his A.Y live concerts all around the country.

His recent ascent has also been aided by the publication of his best-selling films “30 Days in Atlanta” and “A Trip to Jamaica.”

AY charges around $2 million for appearances in concerts and events. His estimated net worth is N2.5 billion, which includes other endorsement deals he has inked and enterprises he owns.

3. Basketmouth’s net worth is N2 billion.

Basketmouth - Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Bright Okpocha, popularly known as Basket Mouth, is a gifted Nigerian comedian.

Basket mouth is a well-known comedian who is both funny and fashionable. He also serves as a brand ambassador for Globacom Nigeria and Amstel Malta. – Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Basketmouth charges around N2 million for each performance. He is a perennial fan favorite. With uncut humorous lines, he delights and splits ribs. His fortune is reported to be N2 billion.

4. I Go Dye – N1.8 billion is the net worth

I go Dye - Richest Comedians in Nigeria
I go Dye

“I Go Dye” rose to prominence because to Opa William’s Night of a Thousand Laughs, a stage that introduced many of the country’s most popular comedians.

“I Go Die” is not only a hilarious and rib-tickling comic, but also the CEO of Revamp Construction Company, a real estate and construction firm.

Francis Agoda is his given name. He represents the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. “I Go Die” costs between 1.5 and 2 million naira for performances. According to Forbes, his net wealth, including sponsorships, is N1.8 billion.

5. Julius Agwu has a net worth of N1.5 billion.

Julius Agwu - Richest Comedians in Nigeria
Julius Agwu

Julius Agwu is another another amusing and brilliant Nigerian comedian. He is one of the country’s oldest comedians. He began in comedy with Alibaba, but then shifted his concentration to acting in films.

He has coached and fostered several of the country’s top comedians, including Basket Mouth. Julius Agwu is a published author. Julius Agwu charges between 1 million and 2 million to perform at your event.

His estimated net worth is 1.5 billion naira.

6. Okey Bakassi has a net worth of N800 million.

Okey Bakassi - Richest Comedians in Nigeria
Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi is a veteran of the Nigerian comedy scene. He got into comedy when it wasn’t working for him.

Okey Bakassi is a seasoned comedian who is also an actor, MC, and TV host. He is also involved in politics, having served as the senior special assistant to the IMO state governor on entertainment. – Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Okey Bakassi has put on several concerts for high-level politicians. He is one of the highest-paid comedians in the country. His net worth is estimated to be N800 million.

7. Bovi’s net worth is N600 million.

Bovi - Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Bovi is also the country’s richest comic and the reigning entertainer. Many companies are vying for his endorsement.

Bovi’s life has been perfect since he first came to public attention. Bovi has made a fortune arranging large exhibits and events. – Richest Comedians in Nigeria

His net worth is estimated to be N600 million, which includes his vehicles, residences, and other properties.

8. Gbenga Adeyinka has a net worth of N500 million.

Gbenga Adeyinka - Richest Comedians in Nigeria
Gbenga Adeyinka

Gbenga is a household name in the Nigerian comedy scene. He has a reputation for putting on great performances for politicians.

He is the CEO and organizer of ‘laffmattaz,’ a successful show that pays well for him. Gbenga is active in various enterprises and has several assets in the country’s major cities. Gbenga is worth N500 million.

9. Gordons’ Net Worth is N400 million.

Gordons - Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Gordons, best known for his “Halelluyah!” jokes, is one of the country’s most brilliant comedians.

He also rose to prominence as a result of Opa William’s Night of a Thousand Laughs. His net worth is estimated to be 400 million naira. – Richest Comedians in Nigeria

10. Akpororo – N350 million is Akpororo’s net worth.

Akpororo - Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Many Nigerians like Akpororo’s excellent humorous lines. He has ascended the ladder at a breakneck speed.

Akpororo is one of Nigeria’s richest comedians, having been in several high-profile performances and organizing his own. Akpororo performs at several church-organized gatherings, something other comedians rarely do.

The net worth of Akpororo is expected to reach 350 million naira in 2022.

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